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Crafting engaging and timely health content is a gratifying aspect of my day. Collaborating with providers and health experts serves to enhance the credibility of articles, while integrating a call to action remains a primary consideration in my workflow.

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The Expanded Role of OBGYNs in Women's Healthcare

Careers Redesign

& Rebrand

The design and launch of the Careers site were significant accomplishments in 2023. This collaborative effort involved moving the Careers external Wordpress site to the central Sitecore platform. Working with the HR Recruitment team, Sitecore partners, symplr job listing data management team and the marketing team, I designed and built this user-friendly microsite, authoring 26 pages, collaborating on content and integrating SEO strategies. The prior version of the site lacked mobile responsiveness, and current data indicates that 72% of site traffic originates from mobile devices, underscoring the necessity of the redesign.

Following the site's relaunch, Renown has successfully onboarded over 800 new employees.

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Location Business Profiles

Locations serve as the initial contact for businesses, thus optimizing profiles to assist customers is vital. My assignment involved updating numerous locations across four platforms: GMB, Apple, Loyal Connect, and Locations, amounting to 528 new or revised profiles.

This project involved:

  • Updated page descriptions & H2 titles
  • New location photos
  • Optimized SEO meta descriptions and keywords

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COVID-19 Email Campaign

After analyzing consumer survey results, it became evident that our community desired updates from Renown Health and trusted us as the go-to source for current information. Collaborating with the PR team and healthcare experts, I created an email strategy to distribute timely COVID-19 updates.

The email open rates saw a twofold increase in Mar '20 and maintained consistency until Jan '21.

Email Stats:

  • Total Opened: 8,550
  • Unique Clicked: 1,339
  • Total Open Rate: 45.8%
  • Unique Open Rate: 22.0%

eBook Project & Email Campaign

An email survey campaign uncovered the preferences of subscribers and their engagement with the content, which was initiated with a $25 Amazon gift card incentive. The survey provided valuable insights into demographics, additional content interests, email frequency, and more.

Consequently, I created a series of eBooks featuring nutritious recipes endorsed by nutritionists were developed and shared through welcome emails and social media platforms.

Key Metrics:

  • The completion goal of 3% was surpassed by an impressive 88%, reaching 5.7%.
  • The Recipe category emerged as the most favored, capturing 35% of the audience's interest.

Pharmacy Launch

In April 2022, our hospital introduced the Renown Pharmacy, a collaborative campaign involving print, digital and internal communications. Working alongside the marketing and Pharmacy teams, I executed various strategies to support this initiative, including:

  • Crafting content and developing web pages for the Pharmacy section.
  • Selecting relevant blog articles, both current and archived, to bolster the campaign, some of which were highlighted in our email newsletters.
  • Incorporating partner-provided keywords into the web pages and related blog posts.

Pharmacy Campaign

Results of the promotional efforts from April to August:

  • 7,960 page views
  • Increased appointment bookings by 23%


Collaborating closely with the Dermatology, Laser & Skin Care service line, I facilitate the connection between our clientele and cost-effective products and services. Furthermore, I oversee the maintenance of this website section and am tasked with crafting and sending quarterly emails to notify our dedicated audience of exclusive cosmetic promotions.

  • Consistent and favorable open rates, averaging 37.5%
  • Average CTOR: 10%

Social Advertising

I design social media ads to link my blog content, aiming to boost readership.

About Me

Veteran Digital Content Editor with a decade in healthcare marketing, mastering the art of SEO, digital tactics and crafting compelling content.

My skill set encompasses a diverse range, including proficiency in applications including Sitecore, Adobe Creative Cloud, Joomag, SalesForce, 123 Form Builder, Siteimprove, Loyal Connect, GMB, Apple Business Connect and Chat GPT, among others.

Continuous Education:

  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • SEO HubSpot Academy
  • Sitecore Content Hub Administrator Certification
  • Ragan’s Immersive Writing Course for Strategic Communicators
  • Digital Marketing Essentials Certificate, University of Nevada, Reno

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